Employment Law Attorney and Mediator, Lori Adelson Esq. of HR Law PRO & HR Law ADR, Serving Florida Including Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Broward, Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Palm Beach, FL


HR Law PRO & HR Law ADR is a workplace law firm focusing on helping companies and business owners of all sizes with practical, cost-effective solutions to their labor, employment and business legal needs. HR Law PRO partners with business owners and employers to address employment issues such as compensation and benefits, wage and hour compliance, human resources, discrimination avoidance, employee handbooks and contracts, statutory and regulatory compliance, training, and risk management. HR Law PRO also provides dispute resolution services including mediation, arbitration and neutral fact finding.

HR Law PRO recognizes the burden of drawn-out lawsuits and, where possible, attempts to steer a path toward resolution. Where an employment law, labor or business dispute can easily take two to seven years to wind its way through the courts, mediation has the potential to be completed within a day. With over 2 decades of successfully litigating employment, civil rights, labor and business issues, founding partner, attorney, Lori Adelson brings her vast trial experience and skills as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit mediator and neutral fact-finder in the areas of labor, employment, business and contract disputes. Additionally, when litigation is unavoidable, Ms. Adelson has extensive experience in federal and state court.

Lori Adelson, Esq. is available for consultation on employment law matters, legal guidance in preventing litigation in employment settings, mediation, arbitration, settlement negotiations, and neutral fact-finding. Learn more about how your employment law dispute can benefit from the assistance of Lori Adelson by contacting HR Law PRO at Info@HRLawPRO.com.


At Adelson Law & Mediation, we focus on helping companies, business owners, and executives with practical, cost-effective solutions to their labor, employment and business legal needs.