Dispute Resolution in Miami & Coral Springs, FL

With regard to dispute resolution taking professional help is always the wisest choice. If you need such help, call us at Adelson Law right away. We can offer you with a plethora of choices and if you get confused which technique to use, there is just nothing to worry as our team of experts will guide you step by step to help you make an informed decision. The different areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood FL, Miami and Palm Beach.

A quick look at the different types

Although there are different types of dispute resolution services, but the three most widely used include,

  • Mediation- it is for the neutral third party for assisting a disputant to come to consensus and on their own. Instead of imposing a solution our professional mediators will work with the conflicting sides for exploring the interests which underlie their position. The mediation service will prove effective to allow a party in venting their feelings and exploring their grievances fully. The mediator will come up with a resolution which is non-binding, voluntary and sustainable
  • Arbitration- here a neutral third party will serve like a judge that is accountable to resolve the dispute. In fact the arbitrator will listen when both sides argue the case and provide relevant evidence and then will help in rendering a binding decision. And the disputant can virtually negotiate any part of the arbitration technique.
  • Litigation- it is the civil litigation that is the most widely used. Typically it includes a defendant that has faced off from a plaintiff either before a jury and a judge or a judge. In fact the jury or the judge is accountable to weigh the evidence and create a ruling. Generally the information conveyed in trials and hearings will enter the public record. The lawyers dominate litigation that often ends up in a resolution during the pretrial stage of discovery as well as preparation

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