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The Age of the Drive-By Lawsuit: Title III and Defending Against Vexatious Litigants

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA), as with almost all legislation in this country, is well-intentioned and does in fact serve a very powerful purpose in the modern world.   People who have disabilities that make them differently-abled than most are still citizens with all the rights of their neighbors, and as a result, they deserve to have access to the same services and benefits as everyone else.  Requiring businesses to make reasonable efforts to make their services accessible is in keeping with this country’s overall spirit of egalitarian and fair-minded camaraderie.  After all, no one confined to a wheelchair should be prevented from using a public restroom. Continue reading

How to Handle a Breach of Contract in Florida

As a businessperson or owner in Florida, it’s likely that you have worked directly or indirectly with contracts.  A contract refers to an agreement between at least two parties that is enforceable under the law.  If one party does not meet the terms of the contract, he or she could be accused of breach of contract.

There are several stipulations in order for you to pursue a Florida breach of contract case.  There must be a contract that was entered into by both parties, and it’s always better when this contract is in writing.  There must be evidence of that contract being breached and there must always be damages that the second party incurred as a result of the other party’s breach of the contract.  It’s important to distinguish that the damages must be a direct result of the other party breaking the contract. Continue reading