Non-Competes and Trade Secrets
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Whether your industry is manufacturing, hospitality, or marketing, trade secrets and proprietary information are often among the most valuable assets of a business. Is your company taking all the necessary precautions to protect your confidential data? At HR Law PRO, we have experience assisting clients nationwide with the protection of confidential information from unlawful disclosure, misappropriation, or unfair use by competitors.

Our legal team will work with your business to develop and execute non-competes, non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation and other confidentiality covenants to ensure the security of your trade secrets and vital corporate information. We recognize how important it is to provide businesses with the full protection available by law, and our experience in developing these types of policies for a wide array of industries is a valuable asset to our clients. Simply put, it’s legal protection you need to have.

In addition to drafting non-competes and other confidentiality documents, HR Law PRO can also provide training and education to your employees, management and other key staff, outlining the proper handling and protocol for company trade secrets and other confidential information. This includes detailing proper staff conduct concerning solicitation of employees, proprietary information or customers. These initiatives offer your business a much needed layer of legal protection, and can help eliminate issues down the road.

Although HR Law PRO takes great care to be proactive in dealing with non-competes and trade secrets, we recognize that no amount of planning and preparation can avoid all incidents. When litigation is necessary, you can be confident that we have extensive experience dealing with breach of confidentiality agreements, non-competes and the misappropriation of trade secrets, as well as, unfair and deceptive trade practices and violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Whatever the situation, HR Law PRO stands ready to represent our clients in state or federal courts, as well as in governmental proceedings, arbitration and mediation. As an established workplace law firm, HR Law PRO is equipped to provide our legal counsel and expertise for all of your non-competes and trade secrets.