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Mediation in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, FL

Mediation can help resolve work related problems and prevent arbitration

Nobody wants to go to court, not an employer and not an employee. Disputes and disagreements are part of work and part of life. If you have or are in a work related dispute, you may do well to consider the services of a mediator. Adelson Law provides mediation as well as arbitration services in Boca Raton, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood FL, Miami and Miami-Dade. As legal professionals specializing in work contracts and employment law they are in the best position to render sound and unbiased mediation services.

Once things go to arbitration it takes more of your time and the costs mount and the stress mounts. Prevention is always better than cure and a mediator can often prevent a situation from escalating into full blown arbitration and court proceedings. It is preferable to find common ground and come to an agreement or settlement out of court.

Law suits can be drawn out and place a great deal of burdens and stress on the parties involved. There are many conflicts that can be resolved with the help and guidance of a professional mediator. Whether you need to enforce a non-compete contract, deal with disciplinary issues, dismissal, retrenchments or some other dispute, the team at Adelson Law have great experience in these matters and they can help you on a path that could well avoid a costly and lengthy court case.

The law is a complex thing and labor law and business contracts are no exception. So it is good to partner with a legal firm that can help you with contracts, agreements, mediation and resolutions. Whether you are a small business, a corporate or somewhere in between, labor disputes can be costly and damaging. Fast and effective resolution within the parameters of the law is best way to deal with a problematic employment situation. That is what you can achieve through successful mediation.


Wage and Hour Disputes Becoming More Common

Employees are spending more time researching what their rights are and looking into lawsuits that can help protect them.  One area where this has led to a sharp uptick in lawsuits is in disputes regarding wage and hour violations.

These lawsuits should not be dismissed or overlooked by management because they can present a serious risk to the company overall.  These lawsuits can cost businesses big time, sometimes in the upwards of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars where a plaintiff is successful.  Legal settlements frequently include back wages and this can cause a major disruption to your cash flow and profits if you do not respond quickly.

Many of these suits now involve employees who are tipped like bartenders and servers.  A rising issue involves whether these employees are being paid appropriately to complete duties for which they are not tipped.  Sharing tips with hostesses or cooks can also be problematic for tipped employees if those cooks and hostesses are not being paid at the same lower wage, and these lawsuits have increasingly centered upon the concept of employees working off the clock.

National cases involving big employers like Wal-Mart and McDonalds have also spread the word about wage and hour disputes, but the recent recession has also contributed to the problem.  The reason is because many companies cut back on staffing and training/compliance seminars and more employees are loaded with tasks than ever.  More job duties are common across

Wage and hour dispute allegations should be taken seriously by any company who is alleged to have violated the law.  These cases can escalate quickly, so legal consultation should be undertaken as soon as possible.